February 2018

Press release

"Concluding programs" Campaign titled "Islam  for peace, progress and salvation"

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra state campaign "Islam for peace, progress and salvation" was organized in different units of JIH Nagpur  on the occasion of " finale for progress and liberation.

JIH Nagpur west zone organized an event named "Shanti Sadbhawna Sabha" at Wellcome Society , Iqra palace lawn Gorewada road Borgaon,

Welcome Masjid Society Imam Mufti Mohammed zuhair  Qasmi said on this occasion that it would not be wrong to say that ,the crimes are now carried out by educated people more than that of illetarate ones becuase of isolation of religion and ethical value from education system. Also there is no place for terrorism in Islam, but it is a symbol of peace and compassion. He gave an example of islamic values related to  justice, public service and rights, he pointed out the islamic teaching that the justice should be done according to the facts and should be unbaised irrespective of caste and blood relations.He said that Islam even defines the right of immidiate neighbour sitting besides you.

In his speech ,Kalmeshwar Orthodox Church Father Thomas  said that communal forces are playing wrong game, we must  unite to foil their conspiracy.
In his address, Shri Praksh singh jabbal , (secretary guru singhn sabha gurudwara kamthi road ) expresses his gratitude towards islam and muslims for thier humblenss and politness.He said that we should atleast study our own religious scriptures to understand the religion and to behave accordingly. He also said that, thier should not be any kind off showoff in the name of religion.

Elaborating the aims and objectives of the campaign, Prof Sibghatullah Khan ( St Vincent Pallotti college of engineering ) expressed his concern over increasing communalism in the country. He said that it is  responsibility of every citizen to establish peace , because ,only in the peacefull environment any progress could happen which will ultimately leads towards success and salvatio in this life and  in the life hereafter. He said that, there are organized groups working to currupt the peace and we have to answer them by organizing and uniting peacelovers which are much higher in numbers than communal forces. In the other program organized by JIH nagpur north west at Pandurang mangal karyalya zingabai takli, Gopal rao singurkar expressed his views on simmilarties between Islam and Sikkhism like  prohibition of idol worship. He also emphasized on practising Gram Gita written by Rashtrsant Tukdoji Maharaj. 
In his presidential speech Dr Anwar Siddiqui (City President JIH Nagpur) focused on interreligious tolernce and qouted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on Avoiding Revenge for personal benefits. He stressed on finding common points in differnt religions to form interfaith unity so the true identity of India as unity in diversity could be preserved.He pointed out the importance of moral values and thier relation with sense of responsibility which could only be obtained through divine guidence. He told that real Vikas could only be achived through incorporating these moral and ethical values within oneself.
In an another program at Ashtshil Budhvihar Shivshankar Nagar , Imam of Tajulwara Masjid Md.Qasim and President of Budh Vihar Gita Tai Meshram adressed the gathering. Related to the campaign " peace rath" was also launched at this event.
The program was statred with Recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Md.Tarik followed by inuagral speech of Intekhab Alam . The program was anchored by Prof Abdul Shamim and Md. Rafik Sheikh.
Large number of gatherings including all genders were observed at these programs.
Dr M A Rashid
Media Sec.
JIH Nagpur

Press release

"When will the time come when a woman will be able movie fromom Kanyakumari to  Kashmir without any fear" - Altafurrahman

He expressed his ideas for Islam for Peace, Progress and Salvation program of Jamaat -e-Islami Hind Nagpur under

The Central JIH Unit of Nagpur Metro met with physicians and RMO in Mayo Hospital and distributed the fruits to the patients. On behalf of the South Jamat, there was a talk in Dharti Maa Nagar, Vathoda and was mentioned under the program. Lodhi Pura, in Bajaria, was told the purpose of the campaign to a large number of people. Expressing concern over rising crimes, Altafur Rahman of the Jamaat said that When will the time come when a woman will be able movie From Kanyakumari to  Kashmir without any fear.

In the scenario of Islam in the Zinga Bai Takli from the North West Jamat, talk about monotheism and mutual brother fodder. It was revealed in the conversation that any kind of tactics and dislikes should sit together and get rid of it. In the afterlife, after death, we should contemplate meditating about our liberation and lead a virtuous life.

Explaining the objective of the act in the Chikhali of South Jamaat, the group of South Jamat, discussed the peace of the city and the country, the preventive factors in progress. The interest of liquor and loan was taken into consideration, that alcohol is the mother of all crimes, interest on loan is increasing, problems are increasing and without any interest, only economic growth and prosperity are possible. Women Wing lapsed talks with attendees at Panchavati Wradh Ashram and they were given soaps, toothpaste, fruits and biscuits.

In the West, Dr. Sibaghatullah and Abdul Azeez talked about peace building under the campaign at the police station of Gittikhadan and Gaddigdam(Electric). Other pockets of the city also went to different places to have conversations. The Women Wing of South Jamaat met at the Tata Parsi Junior College and had a conversation under the campaign. In this, Zahida Ansari, Shabana Sheikh, Taslim Iqbal, Nasrin Altaf, Sadf Firdous, Fatima Khan etc participated


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