JIH Kolhapur conducts press conference on IPPS

Jan 8, 2018

 Jamaate Islami Hind, Kolhapur unit conducted press conference to explain theme of campaign "Islam - for peace,  progress & salvation" to media.

Kolhapur unit president, Ismail Shaikh explained the theme to media at start of conference.

The concept of  Shanti, Vikas & Mukti in Islam was explained. Adv. Akbar Makandar explained, "All people count Vikas on basis of socio-politico and economic growth only,  but always forget to address spiritual growth which is always important for complete phase of development." They added,  "Islam has system of divine accountability, where every human being will be answerable for his every activity on earth, which will help to increase responsibilities of people towards society and help maintain social development. Development brings peace. So peace progress and salvation are a part of the single chain, with any chain missing, development of any kind not possible."

Different activities planned during this campaign at local level were also explained.

About 16 media reporter with o e news channel attended press conference.

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